December 2, 2009

November 21, 2009

Here are my new musical instruments ! They all arrived late but as long as they all arrived is great with me ! These will all go into my music room ...

November 12, 2009

A Few More Creations Out Of Polymer Clay

Here are a few more things made from polymer clay. The mini pursesor handbags are easy to make, they might not be the greatest looking ... But they are not that bad either. Polymer clay is a great stress reducer as well. When you upset, knead some clay in your hands, and things don't seem to bad after all. Since a needle & thread are foreign objects in my hands... I can't make mini handbags from fabric... The true masters in this department are the two sisters who own " La Boutique" fashion doll size mini bags ! They are out of this world! Tiny knock-off's of actual designer bags... Gucci, Prada, Versace ... are only a few of the designers they make in miniature. Their website is slightly hard to locate ( since the way I found them was through a series of links off other blogs) But their online albums are filled with these tiny master pieces and worth a look see... So check them out !

November 11, 2009

Almost Ready To Complete My Mini Pet Shop

Finally I am almost ready to begin putting together my mini petshop scene... It's a good feeling when you get to the final stages of completeing a miniature project... Since the decorating part of all things mini is the FUN part !!!

November 10, 2009

My Mini Dog Things

here are some really easy dog collars & bowls... I forget where I found the tutorial, but they are so cute and easy ! I love these... My daughter thought they were really cute too... But she had a another idea for them... Wearing them as rings ! So I imprinted hers with our dogs name on the tag... She loves it !

November 9, 2009


Here are my AG minis from the " Groovy Room: line. I love these modern style minis. Especially since modern styles in miniature are slightly harder to find...


Here is one of my favorite lines of minis... The AG Minis from American Girl. This is the wall aquarium, of which i found two ! So I got them both ! So far Ebay is the only place I have found where you actually have a selection of AG minis to choose from... And I am always looking to extend my collection...

November 8, 2009

My Handbag Made from Polymer Clay

I also finished this little handbag made from clay... so far I like this best !

Another Mini Habitat

I finished yet another habitat or reptile cage... This one has the resin mixture from Walmart... best find in a while... since all the other resins cost allot more money ! I actually like this little turtle enclosure...

November 6, 2009

My Little Turtle In A Cage

Here is my little turtle in a cage... He was easy ! The aquariums... Not so much...
River rocks, moss and tiny food bowl and a plastic box... Easy !

November 5, 2009

My Mini Reptile Cage

Here is my first reptile cage of sorts... The whole thing was to easy...
rocks, small twig, plastic aquarium plants, moss and a tiny turtle !
Oh, and some hot glue from the glue gun...

November 3, 2009

Getting Into Making My Own Miniatures

I want to create a pet shop in miniature... But mini animals are expensive, and can take forever being shiped from other countries. So I decided to make my own ! Here is my first turtle in his tank. I already the the turtle... I bought the plastic box or container from Ebay for next to nothing. And after pricing resins to simulate water... I found a resin like liquid from Walmart for only 5.00 dollars ! The gravel are simply micro beads... or no-hole beads... again a find on ebay ! Not great but it's not so bad for a first try...

October 8, 2009

My latest Mini Project

My latest project is to make a miniature fish tank and or aquarium. After checking out all kinds of websites and blogs to gather more information on how to... I only found 2 that were really good... the first comes from " miniature maker" here on blogger... and the other is on the " Greenleaf" ( dollhouse supplier) dollhouse website. Miniature maker is the best cost wise and as far as materials go... So thanks to you for that... I am about to get started making my mini aquarium... wish me luck !

January 5, 2009

Latest Creations

My latest creations are inspired by the works of C.F Originals... awesome artist and polymer clay creations. After viewing her site, and the many designs she has created... Not to mention reading her techniques books... I found that anyone can create with polymer clay... even me !